Working Capital Management eBook

This eBook is your guide to a healthier balance sheet along with long-lasting operative improvements to reach that state. The eBook contains a brief description of each Net Working Capital (NWC) area, including: questions to address, analysis proposals and examples of actions to improve a company’s NWC efficiency.

This eBook is targeted for management and business development teams of industrial companies, however, could still be used for understanding in a broader context. Specifically, it provides personnel from sales, operations, sourcing and finance are getting insight into how their operative actions are linked to profitability improvement.

The foundations of working capital management

While NWC is one of the best metrics to indicate how an organization’s processes work, it can be also a bit abstract and theoretical for personnel. We hope to provide you with better tools to make NWC more practical by giving concrete action points. Remember, do not go too deep into the world of financial terms and theories. You are already doing well if you understand that the balance sheet has a left and right side.

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