Pricing eBook

This eBook is your guide to improving profitability through applying pricing strategies along with creating long-lasting structural improvements to reach desired levels. The eBook consist of a brief description of how to use pricing as a lever, followed by three different pricing strategies, including: questions to address, analysis proposals and examples of actions to improve your company’s profitability using pricing strategies. 

This eBook is targeted for management and business development teams, however, could still be used for understanding in a broader context. Specifically, it provides personnel from sales, operations, sourcing and finance are getting insight into how their operative actions are linked to profitability improvement.

The foundations of pricing

Pricing is a cross-functional effort for different aspects of the organization. In this eBook we will discuss how different dimensions can reach targets collaboratively, using tested methods with a proven track record in a range of industries and companies. We want to highlight the importance of having an overall perspective and emphasize the impact that individuals can have in improving pricing efficiency and profitability.

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